Monday, March 21, 2011

go tell it

here within the safety of this place
i don't have to train to run the race
my heart stays here protected by this wall
of noise that helps drown out the greater call

my clapping hands show joy for lost now found
smooth hands that let the others work the ground
hands that hide a face that's still afraid
to tell a stranger that their debts been paid

relationships feel safer when skin-deep
close enough to touch but not to keep
while the Lord is mine and surely I am thine
life's mortal love may end before its time

but somewhere past my story and my pain
lies a world that's looking to lose its life to gain
a Savior and a Father and Friend
a God on which they can always depend

let me see outside the sphere of me
help me, Lord, to set the captives free


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pieces of Me

I tend to leave my fingerprints on glass
and I change my hair as often as I can
My compassion and my temper fight to lead. . .
those are just a few pieces of me.

I wish that telephones were obselete
and that musicals could be reality
I smile to hide my insecurities. . .
those are just a few pieces of me.

I love novels, music, movies, and tv
and I'm scared I won't accomplish all the dreams
what I want's not always what I need. . .
those are just a few pieces of me.

The Lake is where I feel the most at peace
and if I could, I'd never ever leave
there's more to me than what the eye can see. . .
and those are just a few pieces of me.

I'm passionate about what I believe
and I love because my Savior first loved me
and I have to pray for wisdom constantly. . .
those are just a few pieces of me.


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Refusing to be stuck in reality
you relentlessly chase a dream
into a world called Wonderland
where nothing is as it seems.

You leave your fears behind you
you're unafraid to fall
drink, and eat, and drink again
until you're very small.

You're brave despite your puny size
continue your pursuit
the rabbit is constrained by time
there's mystery afoot.

The world is full of characters
the Mad, the feline, the foe
distraction complicates your task
deDee duDum Dodo.

Follow your heart (it's red, not white)
and hold onto your head
you can try to match her wits
but the Queen still wants you dead.

So time to grow, my little one
clean the mushrooms from your plate
be careful of egos that come in your size
you might yet still deflate.

Back upon a merry chase
with you at the other end
maybe the grass isn't always greener
now locked inside your pretend.

Find yourself where you began
adventure or simply a dream?
Curiouser and Curiouser
you wake beside the stream.

Look upon your reflection
who knows what you might find
maybe beyond the looking-glass
there's a Wonderland enshrined.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

when it hurts a little...

when it hurts a little...
it just means that I'm alive
that my tender heart still beats
that my conscience has survived.

when it hurts a little...
it just means that I still care
that I love with all I have; 
I won't face more than I can bear.

by: me

Thursday, November 13, 2008


A state that’s not been quite defined
Between full night and when the sun will rise
With eyes wide open you wait out this time
I find you there.

More reflection than the suns true light
Stuck somewhere in-between the day and night
When other senses give way to sight
I find us there.

Not completely lit but no longer in the dark
Somewhat akin to the unsure regions of my heart
Hoping you’re here with me on more than just a lark
Can we make it there?

So, tell me twilight as you ascend
Are you the beginning or the end?

by: me

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Moving On

She left that life behind her,
refused to shed another tear.
Flew that flag of sweet surrender,
'til the anger disappeared.

All they did was hold her back,
in a stranglehold she couldn't break.
She was caught in obligations trap;
she'd had about all she could take.

So, she left that life behind her.
Now she's off to chase her dreams.
Ran from drama that confined her.
She's finally been redeemed.

She's not looking for permission,
or a sign before she leaves.
She's made her decision
and she'll finally be free.

Free of that life she left behind her.

by: me

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Be The Change

More than once I've heard it said
that actions outdo words
so why are we so prone to tread
on verbal battlefields?

The world looks out for peace
in fact, it's a constant battle
never mind the contradiction
using weapons of uninformed prattle.

While we wait around for change
and fight with idle words
the impact has a narrow range
and bleeding hearts lose sympathy.

With actions life progresses
like marching into war
getting dirt under your fingernails
be the change you want to see in the world.

by: me