Monday, May 01, 2006


I didn’t know how to smile
Until you smiled at me
And I didn’t know how to laugh
Until your joy filled up my soul
And I couldn’t even walk
Until you took my hand to guide me
And I’m not sure how to keep on walking
Without you here beside me
But when you spoke of love
You spoke of one eternal
And I never had to wonder
It was right there In your eyes
And everyday you’d smile
Just one day closer to glory
And I don’t have to listen very hard
To hear the angel’s uproarious applause
'Cause when you sang to Jesus
It was heaven here on earth
And when you gave to others
You gave everything you were
And you’ll live on here forever
Through all the lives you touched
And you’ll never be forgotten
Because you were loved that much
And I’ll always be your little girl
For every day I live
And I’ll not forget your love for my mom
Every time I watched you kiss
And I’ll always see your beautiful eyes
In the face of my baby brother
And I’ll always see your passionate spirit
In your feisty eldest daughter
And I love you with everything that I am
But Jesus loves you more
And we know that you loved Jesus
With all your heart and soul
So, we know that you were wonderful
But Jesus saw it too
And He looked down from Heaven
And couldn’t live one more day without you.