Monday, January 30, 2006

We Belong Together

What good is a life
With no one to share
The light of the moon
The honor of a swear
Will you try to live the way of which you speak
Taste the milk of your mother earth's love
Spread the word of consciousness you see
We are everything we need
We belong together
Like the open seas and shores
Wedded by the planet's force
We've all been spoken for
All this indecision
All this independent strain
Still, we've got our hearts on save, we've got our hearts on save
Someday when you're lonely
Sometime after all this bliss
Somewhere lost in emptiness
I hope you find this gift

Gavin Degraw

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


If dreams are the impossible
And aren't entirely probable
Then dreams can't be unstoppable
And who would want to dream?

If dreams are so impossible
Then hope and love aren't plausible
And dreams would never be sensible
And who would want to dream?

If dreams must be impossible
Then dreamers are irresponsible
And the heart can't be reliable
And who would want to dream?

But if dreams conquer the impossible
And live out the incomprehensible
And make all wishes tangible
Then all would love to dream.

by: me

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

To Question Love

Where is love if not the heart
if not in every beat
if not the very life in you
what holds love from retreat?

But what is love if only lost
if swiftly swept away
if all you hold so dear to you
can fade within a day?

And when does love fade from the heart
if taken, but still remains
if it steals your very breath from you
when do you love without pain?

And how is love worth all the risk
if hearts just beat to suffer
if pain just grips and suffocates
what does love have to offer?

Yet, when is love worth all the risk
if it gives wings to fly
if it holds the key to every heart
how can love not be our lives?


Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm a journeyer
a dreamer
i'm a passionate believer
and the world...
it tries it's best to box me in.

so i'm tearing down
the walls around me
breaking free of things
that i don't want to be

by: me