Sunday, March 14, 2010


Refusing to be stuck in reality
you relentlessly chase a dream
into a world called Wonderland
where nothing is as it seems.

You leave your fears behind you
you're unafraid to fall
drink, and eat, and drink again
until you're very small.

You're brave despite your puny size
continue your pursuit
the rabbit is constrained by time
there's mystery afoot.

The world is full of characters
the Mad, the feline, the foe
distraction complicates your task
deDee duDum Dodo.

Follow your heart (it's red, not white)
and hold onto your head
you can try to match her wits
but the Queen still wants you dead.

So time to grow, my little one
clean the mushrooms from your plate
be careful of egos that come in your size
you might yet still deflate.

Back upon a merry chase
with you at the other end
maybe the grass isn't always greener
now locked inside your pretend.

Find yourself where you began
adventure or simply a dream?
Curiouser and Curiouser
you wake beside the stream.

Look upon your reflection
who knows what you might find
maybe beyond the looking-glass
there's a Wonderland enshrined.